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India Beyond Taj pools together an outstanding team of professionals, each an expert in his own right, to ensure that your vacation is memorable and meaningful The team at Top Camp includes experts from varied fields – climbers, kayakers, seasoned anglers, ornithologists, bikers, wildlife experts, yoga practitioners…We brings you the best experience of the outdoors, be it in the Himalayas or the forests of the Gangetic basin. The range of activities that we offer covers a wide spectrum which can be further fine tuned to cater to your individual tastes. If you prefer, we could offer you a combination of a sylvan setting amongst the high Himalayas where you could sit and contemplate on the essence of life. If you would rather fight the dull city humdrum with a rush of adrenalin, could we suggest navigating some of the toughest rapids aided by one of the finest kayakers in the country.