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About us


India Beyond Taj is the result of the passion of a few individuals to travel and adventure. Far from the usual grind of professional and commercial tour operators, Top-camp is an effort by a few young men who would like to show you their beautiful country through their own eyes. You will be provided with the kind of facilities you choose and the conveyance you prefer (depending on your budget and desire to explore the local flavour.) People from the TopCamp team will accompany you, sharing with you their passion and experience from many years of traveling in the forests, hills, towns and countrysides of India. They have, between them traveled through most terrains and locales in India. This wealth of experience and information allows you to plan for new and tailor made schedules based on mutual discussion. You can rest assured that Top-camp will see you through your journeys in India safely and comfortably.

In short, we offer innovative itineraries backed by superlative facilities and a motivated team of thorough professionals. Top Camp is a single interface that offers you access to a large variety of options and skilled individuals to assist you in your quest for exploration.