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At India beyond Taj.travel is not merely a matter of getting from point A to point B. We appreciate that more than anything else; it is the many wonderful sights and events in between that count towards making a journey truly memorable. This is especially so in a magical country like India where every turn, every step brings with it a new experience. India is a county that has simmered in life and colourful human civilization for millennia. Each village, each forest has its own story to tell - a story that can be seen, touched, smelt and tasted. At India Beyond Taj, we ensure that you get the best out of your travels in India.

Trips to let go

Express, Explore & Celebrate

Trips to let go are designed to explore some of the most awe-inspiring places in
India. Our Trips are a place to make new friends and join other people to travel.
People from all walks of life sign up for our trips. On our trips we get together and
create a space to be our true selves –uninhibited and spontaneous. The primary
intention of “trips to let go” is unrestrained expression of our feelings and creativity.
Our trips are much more than traveling to new places

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Fun & adventure around Saattal

Date: 28th to 30th November ( 2 Nights/3 Days.)

: Saattal birding camp, Located 29 km away from Kathgodam railway station & 18 km from Nainital

Tour price: - Rs 7,999 ....more




Exploring Sariska & Around


Date: 30th to 31st January, 2010


Location: Alwar Bagh Resort, Sariska National Park

Tour price: - Rs 3,500





Minicoy Island, Lakshadweep

Date: March (to be announced)

Location :
Minicoy and other Islands in Lakshadweep.

Tour price: To be announced.

It this trip interests you, then write to us.





Adventure Activities Around Shimla

Camp Craignano, Mashoobra

Camps & Retreats

The Grand Dragon, Ladakh

Himalayan Lodges, Kumaon


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